Top 3 Reasons to Use a Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Maybe you have heard of a self cleaning cat litter box but have wondered if they’re successful or just a bunch of hype. In reality, these litter boxes have many advantages over traditional litter pans. They may continue to keep your environment healthy and spare time too. If you have ever wondered about those litter loving gadgets, here are the top 3 reasons to consider getting one for the pet.

Rationale #3 – It Is Healthier

Most models of self cleaning litter boxes clean the pan round the clock automatically. This constant cleaning makes it less probable that unhealthy germs will develop from the pan. In normal cat boxes, the germs can develop and get on kitty’s paws and then be tracked through the home. That is not healthy for pet or owner. While maintaining the litter box clean is your very best defense, unless you are home all of the time, it is near impossible to maintain the pan squander free. A robotic litter box is an ideal solution and fitter for owner and pet alike.

Reason #2 – It Is Less Stinky

Let us face it, a litter box can become ripe with odor rather quickly, especially in hot or humid weather. These foul odors are unpleasant for humans and may even discourage kitty from using the box. The continuous maintenance and scooping a self cleaning cat box provides creates a significant effect on odor control. Most versions scoop waste into a sealed unit, trapping the odor and keeping the true pan smelling clean.

Reason #1 – It Is a Huge Time Saver

Who likes to scoop the litter box? Not I and not anyone else in my household. If the job of cleaning up following kitty sends everyone running in the other direction, a self cleaning litter box might just alter that. Most versions need occasional maintenance which consists of emptying the waste pan and nothing more. Where as scooping can take time and has to be done daily if you’ve got multiple cats, cleaning an automatic cat box is fast and easy. So fast and simple in fact that you might just realize others are more willing volunteer to your job.¬†Related:¬†best cat litter box for odor

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Regardless of what reason you find most persuasive, buying a self cleaning litter box on the pet can make a remarkable difference in your house.

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