Important Things to Remember About a robots.txt File

A robots.txt generator is a special kind of tool that will allow you to generate a robots.txt file. You know well that this file is a very useful text file for it protects your website pages from the behavior of web crawlers, particularly search engines. A web crawler like a search engine crawls or visits websites in order to gather information about the contents of a website. However, there may be some web pages that you do not want web crawlers to visit or index. And to inform them about which pages to visit or not, you will have to use the robots.txt file.

robots.txt generator

But using this file is not just as simple as it may be. When utilizing it, you should take note of several important things about it. These are discussed below.

  • A web crawler may find it difficult to find the robots.txt file upon arriving at a website. If it fails to find one, it will crawl all the pages in the website. So the remedy for this is to place the robots.txt file in the top-level directory of a website so that it can easily be found.
  • Take note that the robots.txt filename itself is case sensitive. So once you have created this text file, make sure that its name is exactly “robots.txt” and not “ROBOTS.txt” or “robot.TXT” or “ROBOTS.TXT”.
  • Take note that there are some web crawlers that will choose to ignore your robots.txt file. Such crawlers are those owned by malicious agents like hackers of information.
  • You can see the robots.txt file of any website. To do so, just attach a “/robots.txt” at the end of any URL or domain. And this implies that anyone can also see what pages you want web crawlers to crawl and those that you do not want to be crawled. For that reason, it is not recommended to use a robots.txt file to protect private or sensitive information.
  • All the subdomains of a root domain should have their own robots.txt file. So for example, if you own a blog, its root domain would and a possible subdomain is Both of these should have their own robots.txt file.
  • It is recommended to indicate the location of sitemaps at the bottom part of a robots.txt file.

Now, you know the important things to remember about a robots.txt file. With such knowledge, you can now use the file in a much better way knowing some of its limitations and also some of its advantages. Now, if you are interested in creating your own robots.txt file but you somehow find it difficult to do so, then what you need is the robots.txt generator which is a tool that will automatically produce a robots.txt file for you.